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The SumOfUs team is made up millions of members around the world and supported by our dedicated staff team who live in 11 different countries.

Alison Brusch
Senior Finance Associate
New York, United States
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Alison Brusch, Senior Finance Associate

As a Senior Finance Associate on the Finance and Operations team, Ali tracks and monitors the organization's budget and internal systems to assure the organization's financial stability. She has worked in the nonprofit sector for 5 years.
Located in New York, United States
Amelia Meister
Senior Campaigner
Guelph, Canada
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Amelia Meister, Senior Campaigner

Amelia is a senior campaigner in Canada working on a wide range of issues to hold corporations accountable while honouring Indigenous reconciliation. Prior to SumOfUs she did grassroots organizing on climate and water issues while taking care of her child.
Located in Guelph, Canada
Andrea Desky
Video Production Manager
Asheville, North Carolina, United States
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Andrea Desky, Video Production Manager

Andrea is our Video Production Manager, leading the production of social videos from concept development to execution. Andrea has worked as a Video Producer in the nonprofit sector for more than a decade, with a focus on digital media strategy for social change.
Located in Asheville, North Carolina, United States
Angus Wong
Campaign Manager
Vancouver, Canada
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Angus Wong, Campaign Manager

Angus is a Campaign Manager with a particular focus on growth. Previous to SumOfUs he worked in Corporate Social Responsibility. He has international development and research experience in India, Micronesia, and Latin America.
Located in Vancouver, Canada
Anne Isakowitsch
Campaign Manager
Berlin, Germany
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Anne Isakowitsch, Campaign Manager

Anne is a Campaign Manager and runs campaigns in English and German to curb corporate power worldwide. Previously she worked as a campaigner with Crisis Action on the protection of civilians in conflict with a focus on Syria and Russia.
Located in Berlin, Germany
Christian Bock
Tübingen, Germany
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Christian Bock, Campaigner

Christian runs campaigns for SumOfUs with a focus on empowering our German-speaking members to fight corporate power. Before joining SumOfUs, Christian worked as a freelance writer and digital campaigns consultant.
Located in Tübingen, Germany
Clemens Sampl
Senior Campaigner
Vienna, Austria
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Clemens Sampl, Senior Campaigner

Clemens is a Senior Campaigner at SumOfUS. He is based in Vienna, where he campaigns in German and English. Clemens received a Master’s Degree in law after studying in Austria and the United Kingdom. Before joining SumOfUs, he worked as a policy and legal expert at the Austrian parliament and also gained professional experience in Berlin and Brussels.
Located in Vienna, Austria
David Norton
Lead Digital Strategist
London, United Kingdom
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David Norton, Lead Digital Strategist

As Lead Digital Strategist, David works at the intersection of campaigning and tech innovation. Before joining SumOfUs, David coordinated international campaigns for a global union federation in Brussels, led digital strategy for progressive organizations in London and Washington, and conducted postgraduate research on how certain ideas form and propagate online.
Located in London, United Kingdom
Deborah Lewis
Senior Member Services Associate
Buenos Aires, Argentina
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Deborah Lewis, Senior Member Services Associate

Deborah is a Senior Member Services Associate. She handles all member communications and ensures that members have an enjoyable user experience. Before joining SumOfUs, Deborah worked in campaigning and grassroots organizing with Oxfam, Democracy for America, and All Out.
Located in Buenos Aires, Argentina
Eoin Dubsky
Campaign Manager
The Hague, Netherlands
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Eoin Dubsky, Campaign Manager

Eoin manages our European campaign teams. Before joining SumOfUs, Eoin worked at Greenpeace International in Amsterdam, and was involved in peace movements and environmental groups in Ireland.
Located in The Hague, Netherlands
Fatah Sadaoui
Campaign Manager
Paris, France
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Fatah Sadaoui, Campaign Manager

Fatah is a Campaign Manager based on the U.S. East Coast, running campaigns in both French and English, Fatah studied in Paris, France and New York City where he earned a Master’s degree in Urban Planning and Affairs, and Critical Urban Theory. Prior to joining SumOfUs, Fatah helped low-income families in their interaction with local governments, and fought racial profiling in his home country of France.
Located in Paris, France
Hannah Lownsbrough
Executive Director
London, United Kingdom
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Hannah Lownsbrough, Executive Director

Hannah Lownsbrough is Executive Director of SumOfUs. Hannah has worked in campaigns for 15 years for organisations based all over the world including 38 Degrees, Avaaz and Friends of the Earth. She is a board member for Uplift in Ireland, and a school governor in London, where she lives.
Located in London, United Kingdom
Ivan Rosales
Finance Director
Los Angeles, United States
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Ivan Rosales, Finance Director

Ivan is a Finance Director at SumOfUs. His job is to support our campaigns team by helping the organization maintain strong finances and operations. Ivan is also part of our Anti-oppression Leadership Team, which works to create an organizational culture centered around love and liberation. Outside of SumOfUs, Ivan serves on the Board of the ACLU of Southern California. 
Located in Los Angeles, United States
Jamila Brown
Communications Director
New York, United States
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Jamila Brown, Communications Director

Jamila is the Communications Director of SumOfUs and leads the global communications and media outreach strategy. For over 10 years she has worked at the intersection of international human rights advocacy, digital strategy, and traditional communications. Jamila is an Assistant Adjunct Professor at NYU Wagner Graduate School of Public Service teaching Strategic Communications.
Located in New York, United States
John Curry
Director of Operations and Finance
Northern California, United States
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John Curry, Director of Operations and Finance

John is the Director of Operations and Finance and works on finance, HR, operations and security-related matters at SumOfUs. Prior to SumOfUs, he spent more than a decade working to alleviate food insecurity in a major US city.
Located in Northern California, United States
Katherine Tu
Campaign Manager
London, United Kingdom
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Katherine Tu, Campaign Manager

Kat is a Campaign Manager, working on a range of global and Australian campaigns, as well as fundraising. Prior to SumOfUs, she spent more than five years working as an organiser on progressive issues, especially on climate change.
Located in London, United Kingdom
Lacey Kohlmoos
Senior Campaigner
Philadelphia, PA, United States
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Lacey Kohlmoos, Senior Campaigner

Lacey is a Senior Campaigner working to challenge corporate power in the US and globally. Prior to joining SumOfUs, she had the pleasure of campaigning on a variety of progressive issues — including efforts to #MuteRKelly, protect elephants, stop the TPP, and support breastfeeding moms.
Located in Philadelphia, PA, United States
Leila Deen
Program Director
Washington DC
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Leila Deen, Program Director

Leila Deen is the senior director that oversees the Campaigns and Fundraising teams for SumOfUs. She drives both organizational and campaign strategy. She is available to represent the organization publicly and is an expert voice on social movements and climate change. Prior to joining she was a senior leader at Greenpeace USA and has worked on climate justice issues for 15 years.
Located in Washington DC
Leyla Larbi
Bordeaux, France
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Leyla Larbi, Campaigner

Leyla is a campaigner based in Bordeaux, France. She has a Master’s Degree in International Law and a double Master’s Degree in Political Science from Bordeaux University and St Joseph University of Beirut, Lebanon. Leyla is a political activist from a working class background, and she continues to resist intersectional discriminations in France and internationally.
Located in Bordeaux, France
Nabil Berbour
Campaign Manager
Paris, France
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Nabil Berbour, Campaign Manager

Nabil runs SumOfUs campaigns targeting big corporations in French and English speaking countries. He has an MBA in CSR management and worked for an MEP in the European Parliament.
Located in Paris, France
Nick Haines
Senior Campaigner
Melbourne, Australia
348022cac93407d429c3f1597a180a0ddbb78e9c nick haines headshot

Nick Haines, Senior Campaigner

Nick is a Senior Campaigner fighting to curb corporate power in Australia. Previously he took on big polluters at 350.org Australia, worked in electoral politics and fought alongside low paid essential service workers at United Voice.
Located in Melbourne, Australia
Omar Sahyoun
Lead Developer
Brighton, United Kingdom
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Omar Sahyoun, Lead Developer

Omar is an experienced and passionate software developer, with a long-standing interest in social justice issues. He's delighted to be using his programming skills for good. Omar loves rock climbing, and says he might be good at it in a parallel universe.
Located in Brighton, United Kingdom
Sarah Weintraub
Development and Executive Programs Manager
Bay Area, United States
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Sarah Weintraub, Development and Executive Programs Manager

Sarah Weintraub is the Development and Executive Programs Manager at SumOfUs. Her main project is raising money from foundations to support our campaigns. She has worked as the Executive Director of the Buddhist Peace Fellowship, a Spanish-English translator, and a vegetarian chef, among other things.
Located in Bay Area, United States
Simona Sadzevičiūtė
Senior Data Analyst
Vilnius, Lithuania
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Simona Sadzevičiūtė, Senior Data Analyst

Simona is Senior Data Analyst and helps the team make data based decisions to implement more impactful campaigns. Simona has 7 years of experience in data analysis and market research from the private sector.
Located in Vilnius, Lithuania
Sondhya Gupta
Senior Campaigner
London, United Kingdom
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Sondhya Gupta, Senior Campaigner

Sondhya is a Senior Campaigner in the UK. Prior to SumOfUs she worked at Runnymede and Greenpeace, which followed a change in career from veterinary medicine! She brings her drive for environmental and social justice to her campaign work.
Located in London, United Kingdom
Tanya Joseph
Product Director
London, United Kingdom
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Tanya Joseph, Product Director

Tanya works as Product Director with SumOfUs, focussed on using technology and data for good and to build products that empower our staff and members to create change. Before SumOfUs, Tanya has worked for over a decade in the tech space and is forever in awe about the human brain that she even took a dig to research on it.
Located in London, United Kingdom
Toni Preston
New York, United States
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Toni Preston, Campaigner

Toni Preston is a Campaigner, she spends her time writing petitions that mobilizes our members, and hold corporations accountable. Prior to joining SumOfUs, Toni was a union representative for hotel workers in New York City.
Located in New York, United States
Tricia Rich
Fundraising & Campaigns Director
London, United Kingdom
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Tricia Rich, Fundraising & Campaigns Director

As Fundraising & Campaigns Director, Tricia is working to make sure SumOfUs has the resources we need to hold corporate power to account. She has a background in campaigning for human rights and social justice at a range of non-profits.
Located in London, United Kingdom
Tuuli Pöllänen
Software Engineer
Ljubljana, Slovenia
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Tuuli Pöllänen, Software Engineer

Tuuli is a Software Engineer, working with the product and the technology team to develop and maintain the open source web stack SumOfUs uses to power its digital campaigning efforts. She has a background in experimental psychology, statistics and OSS advocacy.
Located in Ljubljana, Slovenia
Vincent Martinez
Software Engineer
London, United Kingdom
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Vincent Martinez, Software Engineer

Vince is a Software Engineer and a passionate advocate for open source collaboration. Outside of tech, his other passion is sociology with a focus on the role of science and technology in achieving "sustainable" human progress and social justice. Before SumOfUs, Vince worked as a full stack consultant.
Located in London, United Kingdom
Will Frechette
Fundraising & Campaigns Manager
Maryland, United States
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Will Frechette, Fundraising & Campaigns Manager

Will is the Fundraising & Campaigns Manager at SumOfUs, and works to grow the base of support for our campaigns to challenge corporate power. Prior to SumOfUs, he worked in the crowdfunding and digital organizing spaces for nonprofits in the United States.
Located in Maryland, United States
Yohanna Briscoe
Managing Director
Seattle, Washington, United States
2741334ba6660cecc7a0eb5e5116b944c6843623 yohanna briscoe headshot edited

Yohanna Briscoe, Managing Director

Yohanna is the Managing Director at SumOfUs. She works as part of the Senior Leadership team to set organizational strategy while supporting the team in the fight to balance corporate power. Yohanna has a background in leading operations, HR, programs and fundraising at social justice organizations. Most recently, she worked at an international children’s literacy organization in New York City. She has a passion for social, environmental and economic justice. She believes in collaborative leadership and building resilient and inclusive communities where change can be imagined and implemented.
Located in Seattle, Washington, United States